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I Just Got a Job at Apple!

Brad S | Project Manager

I've just been offered a job at Apple! Thanks for the excellent
resume. The information I was trying to sell just jumped off the
page at first glance. I really think it made a great impression on
everyone who read it. Worth 10 times as much as I paid for it!

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Blue Sky Blog

Here's the latest from our blog.
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What is the Best Format for a Resume in 2018? (Here are 3 Awesome Examples)
by Louise Fletcher

How to Write a Project Manager Resume
by Louise Fletcher

What is a Cover Letter (and How do you Write a Good One)?
by Louise Fletcher

Learn from our best tips & tricks

Get your dream job by following the strategies we use with our clients.
Here are some of our best tips:
7 Secrets of a Successful Marketing Resume -> How to Write a LinkedIn
Profile ->
How to Write a Killer Sales Resume ->
How to Write an Executive Resume -> 7 Resume Mistakes & How You Can
Avoid Them -> Writing a Great Resume for the Entertainment Industry ->
5 Tips for Media and Communication Resumes -> How to Quickly Build Your
Online Presence ->

How to choose a resume writer

Choosing a resume writer can be a daunting task when there are so many
options. Click here and learn exactly how to find the perfect fit
(hint: it might not be us!). Start reading now.

What about LinkedIn?

Good question! LinkedIn has rapidly become the #1 job search site in
the world. Recruiters and HR execs use it to find the best candidates,
often without even running a job posting. Here are some of our tips for
standing out on LinkedIn.
The 7 Mistakes You're Probably Making on LinkedIn -> How to Write a
Powerful LinkedIn Summary -> Two Awesome LinkedIn Summary Examples
(with Templates) -> How to Write LinkedIn Headlines that Work ->


Christine S. | Online Marketer

Wonderful! I really appreciate your creativity, professionalism and
patience. And I am truly excited about my new resume. I have not
seen any other resumes that touch what you do.

The Best Money I Ever Spent!

Thomas W | Director

I wanted to let you know how my job search turned out: The resume
you wrote for me was perfectly focused and right on the money! I
landed a job as director of a division in a newly public company
with a top-flight management team assembled specifically to pursue
aggressive growth. I've been preparing for this type of opportunity
my whole career and your resume got me in the door... I can't thank
you enough! My investment with Blue Sky Resumes is the best money I
ever spent!

I've Been Interviewing a Lot!

Deepa M | Non-Profit Manager

I just want you to know that I have been interviewing a lot, and
getting interviews for amazing opportunities around the country. As
it happens, I just was flown out to Sacramento last week for a
position. I really appreciate all the help you gave me with your
resume and cover letter services.

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